Tim McGaffic's


"Exploring the nature of horses

and the natural world we share..."


The Nature of Natural is based on the concept that, through knowledge, we can experience a better understanding and alliance between humans and horses.  We hope The Nature of Natural will inspire the thoughts and actions of current and future generations of horseman; for the good of the horse.


The Nature of Natural explores the principals of how horses interact and survive in their natural world to create a bridge to efficient, safe and compassionate horsemanship that translates into everyday training solutions.


In The Nature of Natural workshops and consulting, we offer a foundation of skills to promote confidence and calmness in horses and riders by combining objective scientific knowledge, equine biomechanics, sports physiology and ethics, with the art of horsemanship.  The lack of insight into a horse’s nature can be a great cause of anxiety in horses when they are being trained, as well as a source of frustration for riders and trainers.


The philosophy of The Nature of Natural is to work with the nature of horses, while exploring the Laws of Nature that are vital to effective horse training and hold many answers to successful and compassionate riding.